Weight Management with Slow Cooked Chicken
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Weight Management with Slow Cooked Chicken

Complete and balanced meal that safely maintains a healthy weight

500g NET (2 x 250g portions)
  • Reduced calories
  • Aids in fat metabolism
  • Increased satiety
  • Highly palatable
  • Human grade Aussie ingredients
  • Independently lab tested
  • Complete and balanced meal
  • Scientifically formulated diet to optimise your dog’s nutrition
Purchase on Petbarn.com.au Store in freezer at or below -15°C. To serve defrost to 4°C. Keep refrigerated and use within 7 days.

What common symptoms can this meal help with?

  1. Trouble maintaining healthy weight
  2. Weight gain
  3. Obesity

Trouble maintaining healthy weight

Some dogs retain fat or are more prone to disproportioned weight gain. You may notice this as your dog gaining weight around their middle section. By feeding them a diet that aids in fat metabolism they are less likely to have excess weight gain.

Weight gain

Has your dog recently gained weight? Your dog may benefit from a lower caloric diet.


An easy way to tell if your dog is overweight is to check their ribs, spine, and pelvic bone. These bones should not be visible but easily felt. If this is not the case for your dog a calorie restricted diet and increase satiety may help. Consult your vet if you’re concerned.

Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding Guide

Adult Weight (kg) Feed (g) Number of 250g portions
2 – 5 250 – 550 1 – 2
5 – 10 550 – 930 2 – 3 ½
10 – 15 930 – 1250 3 ½ – 5
15 – 20 1250 – 1550 5 – 6
20kg+ Add ½ portion (125g) per 5kg of additional body weight.
Health Benefits

Lower calories

Keeps them trim

Carefully balanced ingredients that have lower caloric density aids in weight loss. This healthy complete diet ensures that they still have all their nutrition needs met.

Increased satiety

Fuller for longer

Psyllium husk increases satiety and helps dogs feel fuller for longer. This makes transitioning to this lower calorie diet more effective.

Aids in fat metabolism

Supports healthy weight range

L-Carnitine aids in improving the metabolism of fat to aid in healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Digestive Support

Gentle on stomachs

Chicken and rice are highly digestible ingredients that are gentle on stomachs. Supporting and maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential to prevent excessive weight gain.

Transition & Storage

If feeding The Nosh Project for the first time, gradually transition to this new food over a period of 5 to 7 days.

Ensure your dog always has fresh clean water.

Store in freezer at or below -15°C. To serve defrost to 4°C. Keep refrigerated and use within 7 days.


Day 1 - 2

25% Nosh, 75% existing diet


Day 3 - 4

50% Nosh, 50% existing diet


Day 5 - 6

75% Nosh, 25% existing diet


Day 7+

100% Nosh


Potatoes, white rice, chicken, broccoli, carrots, spinach, chicken liver, canola oil, vitamins & minerals, algal oil (EPA, DHA), psyllium husk, L-Carnitine.


The Nosh Project Weight Management is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for adult maintenance.



(Average as fed)
Crude Protein 4.8% (min)
Crude Fat 2.0% (min)
Crude Fibre 2.0% (max)
ME (Metabolisable Energy) 78kcal/100g
Sodium 0.24% (min)
Calcium 0.80% (min)
Phosphorus 0.60% (min)
Taste Guaranteed

If your dog doesn't love eating The Nosh Project, bring it back and we will refund your purchase.

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