The Nosh Project.

Every meal we give our pet matters. That’s why we create delicious wholesome meals, designed by pet nutritionists and approved by vets. Prepared lovingly by hand and slow-cooked in our human-grade kitchen, The Nosh Project cares for your pet’s good health and nutrition.


Why we made The Nosh Project

Our mission is to change the way pets are fed forever, one bowl at a time. We are proud to share our years of knowledge and experience, and believe in serving up goodness with nothing hidden, being transparent about our recipes and ingredients. 

Everything we do is backed by science and industry experience, it’s our secret sauce.   

Our products are scientifically proven, developed by a team of pet nutritionists and approved by a vet nutrition panel of practicing GP Vets.  They are then independently tested by Massey University, a world leader in pet nutrition.   


Human grade pet nutrition

All our Nosh Daily Diets ingredients and handling methods are human grade, cooked and packaged in a human grade facility. Our food is subject to the very same standards that control the ready made dinners that you can purchase at your local supermarket. Even our Nourish 27 Essential Meal Balancer nutrients are human grade.  That’s why we call it human grade pet nutrition. 

You’ll see the difference in the quality of our meals with real vegetable and protein pieces in your dog’s bowl Nosh looks, smells and tastes wonderful. 


Who we are

We are a group of food scientists, pet nutritionists, and veterinarians who are passionate about making fresh food the best it can be for our animals.

All of our recipes are formulated with an expert small-animal nutritionist to make sure they provide complete and appropriate nutrition for pets.

Our meals and recipes have been developed in conjunction with and approved by a vet nutrition panel consisting of practicing GP vets.

These are then independently tested and validated by Massey University, a world leading research institution, to ensure they contain everything your pet needs. 

Chief Vet

With over 25 years of experience, our Chief Vet is a part of the Vet Nutritional Panel that ensures Nosh meets all standards including checking our independent testing results

Product Development & QA

Bessie’s adoptive pet parent is the food technologist that researches and develops the amazing recipes

Category Expert​

As two fussy eaters, Ted & Millie help mum to know the dog food industry inside and out, setting high expectations on our meals and recipes

Brand Development

Marant’s mum helped to develop the brand and ensures everything we do at Nosh is fresh & honest

Implementation Manager

Brad & Diego’s mum makes sure all stores & stockists are Nosh-ready

Training & Education

Bella’s pet parent facilitates the nutritional training for all team members to help you have all the information when making decisions on your pet’s meals

Social Media Specialist

Virgil’s mum works within the marketing team and loves seeing all the photos & videos of your pets enjoying Nosh on our social channels

Oversees All Things Nosh

Roxy is obsessed with Nosh and pushes her pet parent (and the team) to make Nosh the best it could possibly be!

How We Make The Nosh Project

The Nosh Daily Diets are small-batch meals cooked in an Aussie kitchen. This is a game-changing way of making dog food – no dried meat, no high temperatures, no extruders, and no kibble.

Step 1

We start by preparing our fresh Australian ingredients. 

Step 2

Next, we cook the potato, rice or pasta till they start to soften. 

Step 3

All the ingredients including our protein, veggies and carbohydrates are mixed together with Nourish 27, our multi-vitamin & mineral mix. 

Step 4

Each meal is then portioned out and slow cooked at a low heat in the pack. We do this because nutrients in food can deteriorate at high heat so this helps keep all the valuable nutrients inside.

Step 5

Once cooked, the meals are cooled and frozen to keep them fresh. (No preservatives!)

Step 6

They are sent in chilled trucks to stores/clinics and can delivered same day to your doorstep.

Step 7

Served for lucky pets to enjoy!

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