Slow Cooked Chicken Bowl for Kittens
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Slow Cooked Chicken Bowl for Kittens

Juicy chicken, fresh vegetables and all the essential nutrients for growing kittens.

300g (2 x 150g portions)
  • Supports healthy growth and development
  • Naturally delicious for fussy kittens
  • Appetisingly smooth texture
  • High protein for healthy kittens
  • 29 essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Human grade Aussie ingredients
  • Developed by pet nutritionists
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Complete and balanced
Purchase on Store in freezer at or below -15°C. To serve, remove pack from freezer, defrost in fridge overnight and bring to room temperature before feeding. Refrigerated and use within 7 days.

What goes into our food?

We use fresh, human grade ingredients in our meals. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no fillers and nothing to hide. Hover over each ingredient to see why we use them in our food.

Chicken Breast

Lean protein essential for body and muscle development.

Vegetable Oil

Omega fatty acids which help support skin and brain health.


Provides essential sodium & chloride.


Great source of potassium and vitamin A for eye health.


High in dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Chicken Liver

Rich in vitamins, copper, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

Nourish²⁹ Balance for Cats & Kittens

29 essential nutrients to create a complete and balanced meal every time.

Psyllium Husk

Aids digestion and gut health by feeding the good bacteria.


Highly digestible grain that’s gentle on stomachs

Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding Guide

Age (months) 2 3 6 9 12
Expected Adult Body Weight (kg) g/day g/day g/day g/day g/day
2 - 3 70-90 90-110 110-150 120-150 100-130
4 - 5 110-130 140-160 180-210 190-220 160-190
6 - 7 150-160 180-200 240-260 240-270 210-230
8 - 9 180-190 220-240 290-310 300-320 250-280
9kg+ Add 25g per 1kg of additional body weight.
Health Benefits

Immune health

Helps ward off sickness

Vitamin A from carrots and the antioxidants in Nourish²⁹ Balance for Cats & Kittens to help support immunity, boosting health from the inside out.

Naturally delicious

For fussy cats

High palatable ingredients with pleasant mouth feel ensures even the fussiest of cats will enjoy their complete and balanced meal.

Muscle development and maintenance

To keep them going

High-quality animal proteins are a great source of essential amino acids for the development and repair of muscles, organs, and skin.

Healthy digestion

Good gut health

Prebiotic vegetable fibres from broccoli, carrots and psyllium husk, help move food through the digestive system and feed the good bacteria in the gut.

Healthy Heart

For good circulation

Added taurine which helps support and maintain healthy heart function.

Cognitive health

For alertness

Omega 3s from DHA help support brain and eye development during growth and brain health in later stages of life.

Transition & Storage

If feeding The Nosh Project for the first time, gradually transition to this new food over a period of 5 to 7 days.

Ensure your kitten always has fresh clean water.

Store in freezer at or below -15°C. To serve, remove pack from freezer, defrost in fridge overnight and bring to room temperature before feeding. Refrigerated and use within 7 days.


Day 1 - 2

25% Nosh, 75% existing diet


Day 3 - 4

50% Nosh, 50% existing diet


Day 5 - 6

75% Nosh, 25% existing diet


Day 7+

100% Nosh


Chicken breast, white rice, carrots, chicken liver, broccoli, Nourish²⁹ Balance (vitamins, minerals & taurine), vegetable oil, algal oil (EPA & DHA), yeast extract, psyllium husk.


The Nosh Project Chicken Bowl is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AFFCO cat food nutrient profiles for growth.



(Average as fed)
Crude Protein 14% (min)
Crude Fat 5% (min)
Crude Fiber 0.5% (max)
ME (Metabolisable Energy) 158kcal/100g
Taste Guaranteed

If your kitten doesn't love eating The Nosh Project, bring it back and we will refund your purchase.

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