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We believe in giving dogs the best in nutrition. That’s why there are no secrets when it comes to our naturally delicious recipes. Simply select a recipe, use fresh wholefoods, and add Nourish 27 to make your own Nosh at home.

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27 essential vitamins, minerals and oils for dogs

Nourish 27 is a mix of 27 vitamins, minerals and oils that are essential for your dog’s good health. We use it in The Nosh Project ready-made meals to ensure each and every bowl provides all the nutrients your dog needs. Nourish 27 is also available as a meal balancing powder that you can use as part of our nutritionally balanced, do-it-yourself recipes.

Nourish 27

Vet approved recipes

Fresh, proven dog food

Our recipes are developed by specialist pet nutritionists and reviewed by a panel of qualified veterinarians to make sure they consistently and confidently provide everything your pet needs to thrive. All of our recipes and meals have been independently tested and verified as nutritionally complete, balanced, and appropriate for dogs.