Frequently Asked Questions

What is complete & balanced and why is it important?

“Complete & Balanced” pet food contains all the essential vitamins & nutrients needed for your pet in their life stage and for their specific needs. These foods are intended to be fed as the pet’s sole diet.

All of The Nosh Project’s meals are Complete & Balanced, meeting the required nutritional levels established by AAFCO for adult maintenance or growth. This is important as it provides the vital nourishment to maintain mood, appearance and overall general health. Excess vitamins and nutrition can also lead to vitamin toxicity, so getting the balance right is important.

Our DIY Kit can be used in conjunction with our The Nosh Project Recipes to help ensure that your pet’s meal is nutritionally complete & balanced.

How do I feed The Nosh Project? Can I mix this with other brands & foods?

There’s always options when it comes to The Nosh Project, our Daily Diets are complete and balanced and can be served as a meal on its own or added as a topper to kibble as part of a mixed diet.

Is The Nosh Project appropriate for all dog breeds and ages?

Yes, our Daily Diets range has a Puppy version which can be fed from 8 weeks old (2 months) and we have four adult flavours to suit all breeds, sizes and ages. 

How do I choose the perfect Nosh for my dog?

Check out “Personalise your Nosh” to be recommended a custom Nosh plan for your dog. Alternatively, you can view any of our stockists here, to shop in store and select any number and combination suitable for you. 

Do you offer a grain free option?

We know that carbohydrates are essential for a balanced diet, even for dogs. That’s why all of our Daily Diets contain rice or pasta. We make sure to only use grains that are easily digestible for dogs and avoid any pulses or legumes that have been shown to be harder to digest and provide a less accessible nutrition. 

How do I transition my dog to a Nosh diet?

We recommend slowly introducing The Nosh Project to your dog’s diet by gradually increasing the proportion of new food to previous food over a period of 5-7 days.  

For more information on transitioning your dog to a new food, see our article here. 

If you notice any signs of upset such as diarrhoea or vomiting, we recommend you pause the transition until this has settled. Contact your local Greencross Vet if you continue to see symptoms. 

Where are Nosh ingredients from?

We’re proud to source all of our fresh proteins, veggies and grains from local Australian farmers. Our Nourish 27™ Essential Meal Balancer is made in New Zealand.

How should I store The Nosh Project?

The Nosh Project meals are frozen fresh and should be kept in the freezer until ready to serve. Please freeze at -15°C. To serve, defrost to 4°C and keep any unused portions refrigerated. Do not refreeze.

Nourish 27™ should be kept at room temperate in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Where is The Nosh Project Made?

All of our Daily Diets are made right here in Sydney, Australia.

Our Nourish 27™ Essential Meal Balancer is made in New Zealand (not too far away!).

How long does Nosh last?

As our meals are frozen fresh, they do have a minimum shelf life of 12 months. Please check your pack for the use by date.

Your bottle of Nourish 27™ will a best before date printed on the label.

When do I add Nourish 27™ to the recipe?

Add Nourish 27™ at the final stage of the recipe – this will ensure all the nutritious vitamins, minerals and oils are not compromised by high heat.

Always carefully follow your selected The Nosh Project recipe for ingredient listings and quantities. Do not deviate from the recipe or add more than recommended.

Can I return The Nosh Project if my dog doesn't like it?

All products by The Nosh Project have a ‘No Risk 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee’. Simply return in store with your proof of purchase.

Why can't I just feed my pup my left over dinner?

Unfortunately, the nutritional needs that you have are extremely different from the nutritional needs of your dog. This means that, while steak and potatoes are great for your dinner, it can be missing key vitamins & minerals that are essential for your dog’s health. A long-term diet deficient in just one key nutrient can pose serious health risks to pets.

Can I use Nourish 27™ with different recipes?

Nourish 27™ has been developed to be used in conjunction with recipes by The Nosh Project only which have been created by pet nutritionists to ensure a careful balance of all essential nutrients for your dog in every meal.

You can view our recipes here.

Why are your Daily Diets slow cooked?

All of The Nosh Project Daily Diets are vacuum sealed and cooked at a consistent temperate of 60°C for a few hours. This ensures that all of the good stuff (flavours & nutrients) are kept inside and any harmful bacteria is killed.

Why human grade?

Unlike a lot of commercial pet food, The Nosh Project uses only the highest quality ingredients, that are also supplied Australia’s top restaurants and retailers. We also cook our food in a human grade kitchen facility to maintain the highest food standards possible. 

All our fresh ingredients are supplied to Australia’s top restaurants and retailers. We also cook all our food in a human grade kitchen facility to maintain the highest food standards possible. 

You’ll see the difference in the quality of our ingredients and the presentation of our Nosh Daily Diets in your dog’s bowl. Nosh looks, smells and tastes wonderful. That’s why we call it human grade pet nutrition. 

Do your products have any fillers, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?

All The Nosh Project meals contain NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and NO fillers.

Where can I buy The Nosh Project?

The Nosh Project is available now at selected NSW locations and coming soon Australia wide. You can check out our stockists here.

Should I feed Nosh hot or cold? Do I need to microwave it?

All of our meals and recipes should be served chilled or at room temperate. We do not recommend heating it in the microwave as this can affect the levels of nutrients in the food. 

Once I open my Nosh package how do I keep it fresh?

Once opened, store leftover Nosh in an airtight container in the fridge. Use remaining amount within 7 days. 

One defrosted, do not refreeze. 

The Nosh Project comes frozen, how long do I need to defrost it for?

The time to defrost can depend on a number of factors such where the product is being defrosted and the temperature of the day.

To safely defrost, place frozen pack in the refrigerator overnight to defrost. Serve chilled or allow portion to come to room temperature prior to feeding.

How long will my Nosh keep after I’ve opened it?

After opening, remaining food should be refrigerated and used within 7 days. 

Discard any remaining food after 7 days. 

How do I recycle The Nosh Project? What do I do with the packaging?

All of our soft plastic food pouches and labels and recyclable. Recycle them in soft plastic collection bins located at participating supermarkets. 

Our outer and delivery box is also recyclable. Make sure you break down your box before recycling in your yellow or blue bin. 

Our paper insulation found in your delivery box is also recyclable, suitable for your curb side recycling bin. 

If you’re not home to receive your delivery, we make sure your food is still frozen by using reusable icepacks. Please re-freeze, re-use for lunch boxes, or give the ice packs away so they do not end up in landfill. 

How is The Nosh Project prepared?

The Nosh Project Daily Diets are prepared in a human grade kitchen using only human-grade ingredients. 

We start by preparing our fresh Aussie ingredients. All the ingredients are then mixed with Nourish 27™, our multi-vitamin & mineral mix. Each meal is then portioned out and slow cooked in the pack. We do this because nutrients in food can deteriorate at high heat so this helps keep all the valuable nutrients inside. Once cooked, the meals are cooled and frozen to keep them fresh (no preservatives!). They are then sent in chilled trucks to stores or delivered same day to your door stop to serve to your lucky pet! 

How is The Nosh Project different to other dog food?

We’re different because we’re the only fresh pet food brand in Australia that is so confident in what we do, that we’re completely transparent and even give you our recipes.

We only use human grade ingredients and all of our food is made in a human grade kitchen facility. Our Nourish 27™ essential meal balancer completes our meals and compliments the fresh, wholefoods in supplying all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for their good health. In every single serve of our Nosh Daily Diets you can have confidence you’re giving your dog everything they need to thrive. (and it’s delicious too!)

Why is The Nosh Project more expensive than other pet foods?

The Nosh Project uses only high quality, human grade ingredients and kitchen facility. These are the same quality that you can shop at your local grocery or favourite restaurant.

Is The Nosh Project hypoallergenic?

Our Slow Cooked Chicken & Beef Bowls contain single animal protein sources which may be suitable for dogs with a sensitive skin or stomach. 

For any heath concerns, please consult your vet before transitioning to a new food. 

Do I need to ask my vet before changing to The Nosh Project?

If your dog is not currently on a prescription diet or exhibiting any health concerns, you do not need to ask your vet before feeding The Nosh Project. 

With any new food, it’s extremely important to transition your dog slowly over a period of 5-7 days. You can view more information on how to transition here. 

If your dog is currently on a prescription diet, exhibits any health concerns or if you have any questions, always see your vet before transitioning to a new food. 

How often should I feed my dog?

You should feed your dog 1-2 times per day. Puppies require about twice the energy than an adult dog during the growth phase and should be fed 3 to 4 times per day. 

Our feeding guide provides a recommended daily amount to be fed everyday. Please note that this is a guide only and may change according to your dog’s weight and activity level.

Is The Nosh Project Australian?

The Nosh Project is an Australian business, owned and operated. 

All of our Daily Diets are made right here in Sydney, Australia. 

Our Nourish 27™ Essential Meal Balancer is made in New Zealand (not too far away!). 

How much protein and carbohydrates are in Nosh?

Each of our meals and recipes contain a careful and balanced blend to ensure we meet AAFCO requirements for protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals & moisture. 


Our Slow Cooked Beef Bowl contains 7% (min) crude protein and 5% (min) crude fat. 

Our Slow Cooked Chicken Bowl contains 8% (min) crude protein and 2.8% (min) crude fat.
Our Slow Cooked Kangaroo Bowl contains 10% (min) crude protein and 2.8% (min) crude fat. 

Our Slow Cooked Salmon Bowl contains 7.8% (min) crude fibre and 4% (min) crude fat. 

Our Slow Cooked Chicken Bowl for Puppies contains 10% (min) crude fibre) and 3% (min) crude fat. 


You can view the full analysis on each product page here. 

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan option?

At The Nosh Project, we know that dogs require a balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. That’s why each of our meals contain a high quality, human-grade protein (chicken, beef, kangaroo or salmon) to provide essential proteins for muscle development and maintenance. 

How is The Nosh Project different to what I cook at home for my dog?

We support cooking at home for your dog, but studies have found that 95% of online dog food recipes are lacking in at least one essential nutrient. 

The Nosh Project meals and recipes have been scientifically formulated, developed by a pet nutritionist, approved by vets and independently tested by Massey University, a world leader in animal health. This ensures that every meal given contains the perfect blend of essential nutrients for the good health of your dog. 

We believe in the best in food nutrition for your dog. This is why there are no secrets when it comes to our naturally delicious recipes. Simply select your favourite recipe from The Nosh Project, add fresh wholefoods and Nourish 27™ for a nutritionally balanced meal at home. 

Is The Nosh Project best as a complete meal on its own or added to kibble?

The Nosh Project is best in any way! Naturally delicious and always complete and balanced, any of our meals can be served as a complete meal or added to your dog’s kibble for a nutrient rich topper. 

I thought raw diets weren’t good for dogs – is The Nosh Project a raw diet?

The Nosh Project is not a raw diet. Our Daily Diets are slow cooked at a steady temperature for several hours. This process ensures that our food is completely cooked with minimal nutrient depletion which can occur at high heat levels, retaining all the natural nutrients and deliciousness found in our fresh foods. 

Who created The Nosh Project?

The Nosh Project was created by a group of food scientists and veterinarians that are passionate about making fresh food the best it can possibly be for our pets. 

Is The Nosh Project sustainable?

The Nosh Project believes in sustainability. 

Our food pouches and labels are recyclable. You can recycle them in soft plastic collection bins located at participating supermarkets.  

To make sure our food is delivered to you frozen, we line each delivery box with paper insulation made of recycled materials that are recyclable. Make sure you break down your box before recycling in your yellow or blue bin. 

Our food comes in a cardboard delivery box, which is recyclable. Make sure you break down your box before recycling in your yellow or blue bin. 

If you’re not home to receive your delivery, we make sure our food is still frozen by using ice packs. Please re-freeze, re-use or give the ice packs away so they don’t become landfill.

How many meals can I make with Nourish 27™?

Nourish 27 is available in a 300g jar and can make up to 35kg of food. This equates to: 

  • 94 days worth of food for a 5kg dog (375g per day) 
  • 70 days worth of food for a 10kg dog (500g per day) 
How much does Nourish 27™ cost per day?

Our Nourish 27™ Essential Meal Balancer costs less than a coffee a day and gives you the peace of mind that you are feeding a complete & balanced diet. 

Why does The Nosh Project smell so good and not like other dog foods?

The Nosh Project uses high quality, fresh ingredients and minimal processing techniques. This helps retain the natural aromas which is why it’s so appealing to dogs! 

Is The Nosh Project owned by Petbarn?

It’s a joint effort, we can’t take all the credit (as much as we’d love to). The Nosh Project has been developed by pet nutritionists, approved by practicing Veterinarians from Greencross Vets and independently tested by Massey University in New Zealand, a world leader in pet nutrition.  

We listened to pet parents who have been asking for greater transparency around what they feed their pets and the desire for human grade, high-quality fresh food. The Nosh Project has been designed especially for home feeders who want a nutrient rich alternative to making meals for their pets at home or mixed feeders who want a nutritious topper for their kibble base.